satélite familiar (re-design of the whole website)


One of Jazzy Creative Lab's clients is Satélite Familiar, a private company that provides various medical services to their customers. We handle most of their communication with clients, including web design.

As one of my first tasks at Jazzy, I was asked to redesign Satélite Familiar's website. My coworkers had previously sketched and outlined a few ideas for the changes they wanted, but left me the freedom to use their ideas as I saw fit and do my own research.

I had various goals through this project, such as streamlining Satélite's website, adding more pops of color, using more and bigger images and restructuring the navigation.

These are some of the pages from the final design, which was done entirely on Photoshop CC (no coding done by me). It has yet to be implemented.


Old version of the website.

New version done by me.

New version done by me.

AP - Proposta website.jpg