gisela valdera
B&W Paper logo MockUp1.jpg



Logo Designs

As a junior graphic designer at Jazzy Creative Lab, I created logos for internal projects as well as external clients. Branding was not a key part of my work at the Lab, but when the occasion popped up for me to create something new I often jumped to it, as I’m quite fond of branding design.


This logo was designed for an external client of Jazzy Creative Lab. The client requested a logo which would include the letters QW as well as the sentence Health and Performance. During our discussion of their vision, they asked for a minimalist design with a premium and yet youthful energy. 

Three logo options were presented to the client in accordance to their initial brief. At the end, the client picked the first option shown here.

AP quick workout_vf1-02.png



The following presentation was created for one Jazzy’s projects, an annual Snow Trip for dance students and aficionados to go enjoy the slopes during the day and dance in the evenings.

The client picked the first option and later I made a manual for graphic rules which showed the black/white options and how to use the font.




As part of an assignment given to me at ETIC (Escola de Tecnologias, Inovação e Criação), I had to design a logo and prepare different mockups and customs designs for the brand activation of Honey Farm, a fictional company specialised in premium honey.